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FPSC CSS Past Papers (Compulsory Subjects) FPSC CSS Past Papers (Optional Subjects) Download this in PDF. This Article. Download all the CSS Question Papers of in one PDF file by clicking the link: Download All CSS Papers PDF Do you have past papers like this?. CSS Compulsory Papers | TO | Download in PDF CSS Compulsory Papers CSS Past Papers | Compulsory Subjects | With PDF.

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Css Past Papers 2013 Pdf

Download CSS Past Papers for all CSS Compulsory and Optional Subjects | The CSS Point. Download CSS Past Papers for compulsory Subject ESSAY from to For more Past Papers please explore the Past Papers section. Essay Download CSS Past Papers for Optional Subject International Relations from to updated, | For more past papers please explore the past papers. International Relations

Daily Jung first appeared from: a Calcutta b Karachi c Delhi 1 www. Channel has the greatest number of viewers? Accredited journalists are the Journalists having permission cards from the Home Department for press duties: a Correct b Incorrect 4. Drop line dropout is one and the same thing: a Correct b Incorrect 5. TV commercial lasting more than a second is called blind adds a Correct b Incorrect 8. Plagiarism is unauthorized use of another persons copyright material without acknowledgment: a Correct b Incorrect 9. The right to freedom of speech and expression of citizens is enshrined in the Constitution of Pakistan under Article a 15 b 19 c 81 The functional approach of mass media operates, through a nexus of mediating factors. The hypodermic needle or Bullet theory of communication was introduced in a Correct b Incorrect

Journalism CSS Past Papers MCQS 2000 to 2013

Temperature c. Mass d. None www. Equator passes through one of these countries: Saudi Arabia b. Italy c. Japan d. Anti Diuretic hormone is secreted by one of the following glands: Pituitary b.

Pancreas c. Thyroid d. Basha Dam is to be constructed on: River Sutlaj b. River Jhelum c. River Chenab d. None On Indus River UV light falls in the category of: Ionizing Radiations b. Non Ionizing Radiation c.

Visible light d. The earths. Mesosphere b. Stratosphere c. Lithosphere d. One of these scientists formulated basic laws of Geometry: Pythagorus b.

Archimedes c. Aristotle d. Phosphorus is an essential component of one of the following biological molecules: Amino acids b. Nucleic acids c.

Carbohydrates d. He was the first scientist to prove that plants move around the sun: Archimedes b. Galileo Galilei c. John Kepler d. Atom is made up of Three b. Two c. Four d. Uranium is best used as nuclear fuel in one of the following forms: U b.

U c. U d. The alpha particles are compact clusters of: Electron and Proton b. Two Protons and two Neutrons c. Three protons and three Neutrons d. The Beta particles are fast moving a. Protons b. Electrons c. Neutrons d.

One of the following countries produces maximum energy from atomic reactors: USA c. The unit to measure the quantity of Ozone in atmosphere is a.

Dobson b. Dalton c. Cuolomb d. The severity of earthquake in Pakistan on Richter scale was a. Geiger-Muller counter is used to detect: Neutrons c. Photons d. Vacuum tubes have been replaced by: Conductors b. Diodes c. Transistors Dacron is a.

Polyethylene b. Epoxy c. Polyamide d. It is a secondary plant nutrient: Nitrogen b. Phosphorus c. Sulphur d. Neutrons c. Photons d. Vacuum tubes have been replaced by: a. Conductors b.

CSS Past Papers - The CSS Point

Diodes c. Transistors Dacron is a. Polyethylene b. Epoxy c. Polyamide d. It is a secondary plant nutrient: a. Nitrogen b. Phosphorus c. Sulphur d. An area of microbiology that is concerned with the occurence of disease in human population is a.

Immunology b. Paracitology c. Epidemiology d. The number of electrons of a neutral atom is automatically known if one knows the: a. Atomic number b. Atomic weight c. Number of orbitals d. Which of the following is not an enzyme? Chemotrypsin b. Secretin c. Pepsin d. Serum if blood plasma minus its: a.

Calcium ions b. Clotting proteins c. Globulins d. The autonomic nervous system innervates all of these except: a. Cardiac muscles b. Skeletal muscles c. Smooth muscles d. The damage to the Optic b. Trigeminal c. Abducens d. Which of these is not a region of the spinal cord? Thoracic b. Pelvic c. Lumbar d. The shape of the external ear is due to: a.

Elastic cartilage b. Fibrocartilage c.

Articular cartilage d. The external surface of the stomach is covered by a. Mucosa b. Serosa c. Parietal peritoneum d.

Which of the following is not a human organ system? Integumentary b. Muscular c. Epithelical d. Which of the following does not vary predictably with the depth of the aquatic environment? Salinity b. Penetration by sunlight d. The quantity of available nutrients Increases b. Which of the following is not a major sub division of the biosphere?

Hydrosphere b. Vaccination is synonomyous with Natural active b. Free lancer d. Stinger 8. Identification marks written on the top of news story page is called: a. Credit line b. Slugline c. The communication based on downloadd time of space is called: a.

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None Outdoor broadcast c. Newspaper's masthead is called: a. Headline b. Flag c. Sub-heading d. Embargo Who was the first editor of daily 'Jang'? Mir Shakeel ur Rehman b. Altaf Hussain c. Mir Khalil ur Rehman The term global village was coined by: a. George Gerbener b.

Marshal Mcluhan c. Wibler Schramm d. Pamela Shoemaker 25 www. The inventor of printing press was: a. Marshal Mcluhan b. Ts'ai Lun c. Johannes gutenberg d. Pakistan's first official news agency was: a. UPI b. IPA c. APP d. NNI PEMRA ordinance was implemented in: a. Press note can be issued by: a. Editor b.

Government official c. Reporter d. Sub-editor Stringer is called to: a. Whole time employee b. Part-time correspondent paid a column rate c. Sub-editor d. None 26 www. Banner Advertisement is a type of advertising related to: a.

Outdoor Advertising b. Interactive Advertising c. Corporate Advertising d. None of these 2. The Public Relations department which covers the activities of Provincial Government is: a.

Essay Past Papers

PID b. DGPR c. ISPR d. None of these 3. Hamsafar is house journal of: a. Daewoo b. Pakistan Railways c. PIA d. None of these 4. Sultan Lakhani is the Chief Editor of: a. Daily Dawn b. Daily The News c. Daily Nation d. None of these 5. The book "Process and Effects of Mass Communication" was written by: a. Denis McQuail b. Wilber Schram c. Joseph Ascart d. None of these 6. News appearing before the occurrence of an events is termed as: a.

Curtain Raiser b. Press Communique c. Obituary d. None of these 7. CPNE is a representative body of: a. Newspaper employees b.

Newspaper editors c. Newspaper owners d. None of these 8. Press release b. Press note c. Hand out d. None of these 27 www.

PPO b. EBDO c. PCO d. None of these A typical soundtrack which identifies a program is known as: a. Sound track b.

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